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People often ask about the importance of coaching. The response may seem bias, but it is truly our belief. Coaching is not an option. There is absolutely no way you can do for yourself what another person can help you do together. For starters, you just can’t see yourself. As humans, we are just too bias and too connected to ourselves to truly see where we need improvement. An outside view is crucial if we want to grow into the best version of ourselves.

Not only can another individual help us see our blind spots, but the synergy that is created when two people come together is undeniable and truly exponential. Psychologically when two people align with one another and work as a team towards a common goal, the results are without a doubt far greater and much more efficient. Show me one person in this world that has achieved greatness in sports, business, or life that didn’t have a coach, mentor, or advisor. We all need someone that provides feedback or guidance to give us a clear perspective.

If you want to be the very best at what you do, then hiring someone to hold that space for you, create accountability, and push you to your absolute best is the most important decision you will ever make. We believe without a doubt that you will never reach your full potential without the support, wisdom, and guidance of a mentor or coach.

Taking a deep look at yourself and not only inviting but trusting another person to look within you is a very scary proposition for most of us. We don’t really want to see what’s going on inside, so why the hell would we want to invite another person to take a look. Yet, without that outside influence, you will never discover the deepest truths and darkest secrets. Shadow work is not for the faint of heart and it doesn’t get the same results without the help of a partner. I like to think of it this way. If I am going to dig deep within myself and face the deepest darkest parts of my soul so I can emerge on the other side as the absolute best version of myself, I would like to have someone to not only be there to support me along the way but also to guide me through the process.

Real coaching is not about tangibles. The tangibles are the easy part, like getting someone to lose weight, earn more money, launch a start-up, or acquire new business. The difficult part is the intangibles. Why you aren’t achieving what you want. Understanding why you even really want it. Most importantly, are you even happy once you achieve the goal?

This is what real coaching is about, and the truth is, you can’t do it on your own. Get a coach, hire a therapist, work with friends and family members to create accountability, utilize peer to peer coaching in the workplace, ask for help from your partner. If it were me, I would do all of the above, but for now, just pick one and start from there. It’s lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be. Good luck!