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Routines will make or break you in life, I believe in this statement wholeheartedly. Consistent practice of anything over time will result in a form of excellence and mastery.  How you choose to start  and end your day will determine how your life unfolds.

The first and most important step that we take with our clients is creating a solid foundation based on their morning and evening routine. Most people put emphasis on the morning routine. How you start your day determines how your day will unravel, yet we take a different approach to this philosophy. We believe that your morning starts the night before. How you finish your evening and what time you go to bed decides some of the most important factors in starting your day. How much sleep you get is crucial to how you will feel in the morning. Where you mind is at when your head hits the pillow will determine your dreams and your overall attitude upon awakening. Did you read an educational or inspirational book and fill your head with knowledge before bed, or deaden your brain cells with alcohol and watch reality TV?  Two completely different results will ensue based on the above choices.

We teach all of our clients this simple statement; “Your morning starts the night before.” If your evening routine is on point, then your morning routine and the rest of your day will fall into place. So, let’s take a quick look at some tools to set ourselves up for success before your head hits the pillow.

  • Eat your last meal 4 hours or more before bed. It is scientifically proven that our bodies do not rest properly when they are working to digest food during our sleep cycles. Also, our heart rate does not lower to its optimal levels. (Plug Oura Ring)
  • Set a hard stop to prepare for bed. Personally, I calculate my evening routine and set an alarm based on that time. For me I know that I need a solid 2 hours to unwind. This gives me time to shower and accomplish my evening practices.
  • Reduce the consumption of liquids consumed 2 hours before bed. Hydration is extremely important, yet I find getting solid sleep without having to use the restroom is extremely beneficial and I get less sleep interruptions.
  • Remove all screens from view at least 2 hours before sleeping. Blue light is proven to stimulate the mind and activate chemicals that keep us awake. We are trying to activate the sleep cycle and calm our minds.
  • Last but not least, have a solid routine that reflects on your day and the person you are creating. That can be anything from journaling to meditation, or affirmations to reading. Or all of the above.

Putting yourself in the right space before bed will truly change your life. My evening routine is a huge part of how I stay focused, inspired, and on point. Without it I fall off quickly and unravel. Consistent practice over time is the key to any success. It all starts within us.  If you’re interested in my evening and morning routine, reach out and I will be happy to share!